best things

February 8th, 2022

here is a list of the top 5 best things

  1. drywall
  2. drywall
  3. drywall
  4. drywall
  5. drywall

i hope you enjoyed!

Blog post so that this blog wont go at least 1 month without a post

October 22nd, 2021

Blog post text. Blah blah blah, was quite close to hittin the 1 month with no post mark, fhew! see you next 1 month minus 1 day again

VAC “Discussion”

September 23rd, 2021

something that i check from time to time when im bored is the VAC Discussion category in the steam forums

its hillarious, the entire forum is just people crying that they got vac or game banned, and the replies are like 2 or 3 people saying the same thing: “you can’t get unbanned” or “secure your account next time”. rarely the discussion escalates to a full shitfest instead of just 1 comment and then a lock by the mods, these are the real gems:

lesson to be learned: don’t cheat

or at least don’t use those free cheats if you REALLY gotta cheat


September 23rd, 2021

Deez nuts!!!!!!!


Laugh. Why aren’t you laughing? I thought of this original joke just for you. I can’t believe this. Why would someone not laugh at this. Unbelievable.


September 21st, 2021

Since i have no idea what to write on this blog, why not start with a mapping project

Here is cs_cliffhouse_night2, an improvement of cs_cliffhouse_night made by… fucking nobody i hoesnlty have no idea who made that map it got purged from the internet or some spooky CIA shit

stuff it has that the og doesnt:

  • soundscapes
  • a radio in ct spawn
  • takes 3 hours to compile
  • .txt file that has story in it

Im too lazy to get in-game, so heres some hammer screenshots

CT Spawn
the cliffhouse itself
top floor living room
2nd front entrance, basement and top stairs
basement, 1st group of hostages
top floor bedroom, 2nd group of hostages

Hello world!

September 21st, 2021
Start running